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Much of the time we are obsessed with getting to our destination as fast as possible. We travel on miles of concrete highway through a dull landscape. But sometimes we get the urge to be different…to slow down and enjoy the journey. That’s when you take the coastal route. There you discover a whole new world that you forgot existed. You see beautiful, exciting and eclectic sights that astound you with their beauty. It might take a little more time, but it’s well worth it.

At Coastal Route that’s how we feel about coffee. If you have been drinking the same grocery store or big chain coffee for years, maybe it’s time to take the Coastal Route. Coffee can be vibrant, unique and surprising. When roasted properly, coffee can delight you with varying taste notes that should gratify you with each sip.

Coastal Route Coffee specializes in roasting handcrafted coffee in small batches to provide you with coffee that is fresh and tasty. Coffee comes from many parts of the world and each is different, requiring special attention to bring out the uniqueness in each type. So if you are ready to get off the main highway, try the Coastal Route and enjoy the journey.

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